Answering All Your Questions On Instagram

Hi Everyone!

I am now answering all your random and awesome questions regarding my life as a Diplomatic Kid and a Diplomat. My first Video is up, and I am hoping for your support, it is completely out of my comfort zone.

Link Here at Instagram Diplomatic Kid

Social Media brought my Diplomatic World Closer

Does anyone even remember getting snail mail? Except for Christmas time, I don’t even remember the last time I got a proper card, or letter in my mailbox. I mean, does one even send out Birthday cards anymore, or is it all just virtual?

I remember snail mail all too well. Growing up, that diplomatic pouch that only arrived at the embassy once a week, was the most exciting day of the week. Usually arriving on a Friday, I hoped and crossed my fingers everyday I would get something from that magical diplomatic bag!  You hoped and prayed you had something from a far away friend that you may have had to say goodbye to the year before, or on a previous posting. You hoped that someone remembered you, and thought of you that week. Sometimes, there was nothing, and you went into the weekend just a little bit more lonely, a little forgotten, and then there were those times that you got a small stack of letters, telling you about a far away life. Those little bits of life that you had scattered around the world were a comfort during the lonely periods of starting over again.

I was right in that transition time, e-mails became a thing when I was in boarding school. It was the first time, I felt I didn’t have to wait or find the right stamp to feel connected. It took a long time, but slowly, I began to reconnect with long forgotten friends from around the world, and found out what happened to old teachers. By the time I connected with Facebook, my whole world, finally became connected! It was such a beautiful experience feeling like my small diplomatic bubble, finally expanded and included all those I met from around the world.

I miss snail mail, but would never trade the connections I have been able to re-establish. As I travel the world, I now visit and connect with friends in other countries. If it weren’t for social media, I am not sure I would have managed to do all that!