Friday Fun: Lego

O.K. Do you like Lego? Obviously it is a yes, cause it is just fun! Check out this Instagram feed from a 6 year old kid.

Check out his Instagram Feed at RUSSKULLB and follow him! Let’s see if we can help him get discovered by Lego.



Happy New Year!

Wow, how did we get to 2016? Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s.

2015 brought on a lot of craziness, and chaos, but a lot of learning. Upon reflection, I decided to begin focussing a lot more on bettering myself, and self-reflection.
I tend to bend over backwards for others, and in turn, choose everyone else over a little me time. Not unusual for a Mother, in fact, I am pretty sure it is the norm. I have been working out in a gym forever, but I have not taken my health that seriously. I have decided that 2016 will be the year that I take my love of food, exercise and travel to another level.
So, for all those who have e-mailed me and asked, yes, I now have an Instagram page, and you can follow all of my tips, tricks and crazy trips there.

Dipkid101 – find me on Instagram!