Let’s debate that


I am not sure why, buy my 6-year-old has to work on presentations, yes, they even get graded. Trying to get a 6-year-old to stand for 2 minutes and discuss a well rehearsed presentation, eyes to the audience, standing up straight, is more difficult than herding cats.

I have gotten a lot of complaints, crying, and have been told he needs no practice. So, I decided to let him watch the Trump and Hillary debate last night, and tell me what he thought about rehearsing.

These are his comments:

“Mummy, is this stand up comedy?”

“That nice lady isn’t getting angry, she must had meditated.”

After explaining this was a presidential debate, and the person who wins the election will lead the country.

“That man needs a time out, he is not being a good sport.”

“Mummy, can we watch Paw Patrol now, that man did not practice, I don’t want to watch anymore.”

We decided to turn it off and read Harry Potter.

Dip Kid


S@#T My Kid Says about Politics

Ok, I decided to start a new category…Since my Father passed away a long time ago, and obviously has never met my child. I take it upon myself to talk about my Father, who he was and what he did. The stuff my kid says, is just priceless. So I thought I would quote him every time we talk about something political.

The first, is just beyond funny. This is a 6am conversation.

My Kid “Mummy, why is there a North Korea and a South Korea?”
Me; “wait, what are you talking about?”
My Kid “Remember when we were in the doctor’s office and we watched the nuclear testing of one of the Koreas, and the other Korea was really upset. Why are there 2 Koreas, and why is one bad?”
My Kid “can we have this discussion when I am awake? this might take a while.”
I am still not awake enough to discuss this…

You are welcome