Barb’s Country Kitchen

We drove over an hour to Orangeville to enjoy an incredible hike. We brought our usual snacks with us, no big deal. After 10km, we got back to the car, and our 7 year old states matter of factly “i’m hungry.” well, we had to admit, so were we.

We had no signal on our phones, and the GPS couldn’t find a signal. My husband has said “you know, I was on tripadvisor, and there is supposed to be a diner that is pretty awesome around here.” Well, he had me at diner. I love big breakfasts, you just can’t ruin one.

Our signals finally worked after driving a km, and we were off, heading down a highway. There it was Barb’s Country Kitchen. When going in, it reminded me of hanging out in my grandmother’s kitchen back in B.C. We were greeted like we were long lost relatives, seated pretty quickly and handed the most incredible menu of not your normal food selection.

We went for the strawberry waffles and the cannoli filled french toast, our son had a kids platter with a pancake.

Now, I love cannoli, I can tell you a crazy story about being in Italy in a small town and eating them on a street corner, hoovering it up like I was a dog sucking up food that I wasn’t supposed to. So, I have high expectations.

Just take a pause and look at this…

The Cannoli filled french toast is like nothing I have ever eaten. It was simply perfection, and enough that I had my fill of food for the rest of the day!

The waffle, was like being in a time warp in my Grandmother’s kitchen. The waffle was absolutely perfect, the strawberry jam was warm and heavenly, and reminded me of the many hours spent in my Grandmother’s kitchen making jam and preserves in the Okanogan.

This was just about the most charming, homey, and ridiculously good meal (outside of grandma’s kitchen), you can possibly eat. Even if you are far away, it is worth the drive, you won’t be disappointed!

Dip Kid



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