Somewhere in the middle of a crazy storm in Amsterdam, my husband bought the ugliest, cheapest poncho for the 2 of us. I threw it on, stayed dry, had a blast, and then realized what a brilliant invention it truly is.

Fast forward, I wanted a nice poncho, that I could actually throw over a bag, and layers, could roll up into nothing, and dry in an instant.

Introducing the Patagonia Torrentshell Poncho, and yes, I got it in this colour combo!


I not only wear it all the time, but I have been travelling everywhere with it, including Thailand. I am usually the one carrying a bag, plus camera, and don’t want those 2 things to get wet, this Poncho is absolutely brilliant. I don’t get over heated in a tropical storm. I can throw it over a few layers for a Canadian fall rainy day. I bike in it ALL the time, and well, it is incredibly well made like everything else Patagonia makes!

This is my must have for every travel adventure I take.


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