Valentine’s Day


The most dreaded of all holiday’s, because, it is not actually a holiday. There isn’t any hiding from Valentine’s day is there? Well, at 16, there really isn’t anywhere to hide, especially at school.

Sitting in Math class, attempting to pretend that the endless deliveries of roses was not at all distracting. At 16, I had become incredibly good at ignoring, and giving an air of not caring, at all.  At 16, you really don’t care that classmates are dating, going steady, and you, well you, the crazy diplomatic kid, have carefully orchestrated an elaborately thick wall between you and everyone else for self-preservation purposes. At that point in Math, no one was really caring about my actions, because those roses being delivered were not for me!

There I was looking at my geometry books, remembering every awful Valentine’s day that ever landed on a school day, and what do ya know, every single one of them landed on me being new to school. Good timing Mum and Dad!

The roses kept being delivered to every girl around me. I took a quick look around me, and tried not to snicker. Yeah, I noticed. Kinda hard not to. They were all the cheap red roses, the kind my gifted green thumb of a Father always snickered about, he was, after all, a rose and orchid enthusiast. Scratch that, he was a full-out flower snob!

At that moment, it was kind of nice that I noticed that the tiny red roses, were of poor quality and colour. It somehow made my wall and my skin thicker, I wasn’t going to let this day get to me, it was just a day, nothing more.

Then, almost by accident, a rose was delivered to my desk. I looked at it puzzled, it was obviously a mistake. Everyone turned, and stared. The new girl had a rose. Watch out people, someone noticed me!

I quickly opened the tiny envelope, and took out the tiny card.

It read “everyone deserves a rose, even new girls who pretend it doesn’t matter.” – Mrs. P

I smiled, and got choked up a bit, no one had ever given me a flower, not counting my Father, who cut them regularly for me and my Mother from his garden. Everyone around me began asking me who my secret admirer was. I smiled and said I didn’t know. I mean, how do you tell your classmates that one of your favourite teachers took the time to send you a rose, so you didn’t feel left out.

It might not have been from a love interest, but that rose meant more to me than I could ever explain!


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