Review: A Year in the Life

Gilmore Girls

I was one of the original, I cried when the series ended, and the way it ended. Half of the 6th season and the whole of the 7th made no sense. When it had been announced that the Gilmore Girls would be coming back with the whole cast to tie up loose ends, I was elated. Leading up to the  Netflix kickoff, I was on pins and needles, excited for the day it arrived. Who wouldn’t be, I was an original fan!

Ok. so let’s break it down. I watched all 4 episodes…I was totally underwhelmed.

Let’s start with the Rory (Alexis Bledel) – first, she wasn’t even playing Rory! Her voice, the mannerisms, completely off. It was like Alexis couldn’t care less that she was back, or the lines were beneath her, but I felt it fell flat. I just couldn’t identify with Rory’s character, I mean, we got to know the characters of Lorelei and Rory pretty well, they were after all, in our living rooms for years, and in my case, every time I am sick I put old episodes on.

Now, I was hoping that with Amy back at the writing helm, we would have that quick banter, and excitement. Well after Kirk’s

OOOber no it’s OOOber line, which made me laugh out loud, everything went South from there for Winter, Spring and half of Summer.

Besides Alexis Bladel playing a completely different character – I felt like I was watching a Hallmark movie on a Friday night. Rory’s life makes absolutely no sense. Surprisingly, I know a lot of journalists, the fact that Rory can’t get a job at all,  after having a lineup of pretty incredible jobs, is just odd. Her boyfriend of 2 years, that no one remembers, including her, and cheating on him with Logan as a no strings attached sleeping mate (yet they are best friends), was pretty painful to watch. I hated this part, and I thought it was tacky. Rory had such a strong moral cumpus, that she would never veer from that. She always treated others with respect, and called Paris on it when she was cheating on her boyfriend with a professor. What threw me off, was Logan, who was so completely in love with Rory, also cheated on his fiance with Rory, like she was a mistress, kinda like how you would picture his Father treating other women. I just hated that Logan was turning into his father, and somehow Rory became “that woman”. Just so wrong on so many levels of the show. Plus, it was like Logan had lost respect for Rory, he always treated her with an incredible amount of respect, but in these one’s, not so much.

Let’s keep going on this thread. I loved when Rory and Logan got together originally. I loved how Rory saw the best in Logan, and Logan found himself with Rory. They brought the best out of each other, and frankly, there was something so intense about their relationship, that I always thought that they would end up together, when the show went off the air, I had always pictured them somehow coming back together and backpacking through Asia like they had planned.

Frankly at 32. getting pregnant doesn’t have the same shock value… seriously, not even a cliff hanger.

We are supposed to believe in that ending that Logan knocked up Rory (and what, wouldn’t want to be in his child’s life, or that a 32 year old woman wouldn’t tell the love of her life that she was pregnant), and that somehow, the Logan and Rory goodbye made sense. I know Amy was trying to write the parallels of Lorelei and Rory’s love life, how Rory’s father wasn’t in her life, and how it was meant to be. We knew she was trying to ask her Father how he felt about the situation. Seriously, she is 32, it makes no sense. This conversation only makes sense if she was knocked up in her teens or early 20’s.

I just had so many issues with the whole thing. I can see if this was the ending that was supposed to take place when Rory was 22, it would make sense, but at 32, it is just dumb. Rory having a relationship with the same man for so many years = love of her life. Sorry, but I met my husband in my early 20’s, we weren’t ready to be married, but I knew, he was the one. She calls Logan to vent, she calls him the first minute she has news of anything, and he comes running. If you are writing this stuff, they are just meant to be together, enough said.

So, all in all, I hated the whole Rory story line…


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