Happy American Thanksgiving


Not sure why, but I want to add a Y’all in there, mainly because one of the only times we ever sat through an American Thanksgiving, was in Manila, and one of the ladies from the American Embassy, always said Y’all. She had just about the best accent for english dialogue, won’t tell you how hilarious it was to listen to her Tagalog or Spanish, that is for another story. I just can’t think of American Thanksgiving without her voice popping in my head, one of the loveliest human beings I got to meet over the years!

To all those South of the border, who are posted somewhere else on this planet, or are stationed in another country, may you find something to be grateful for, may you share in a wonderful day with someone else, even if you are far from family. May you realize that whatever you are doing, you matter, someone loves you and is thinking about you.

Wishing you a wonderful gobble gobble.

Dip Kid

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