Even Appointees Work Hard

I was a little miffed today, after talking to my neighbour, we somehow got on a conversation about the election in the U.S. I find myself having a hard time talking about politics lately, I just don’t want to be negative. He began to go on about how one of his close friends is hoping to be appointed as an Ambassador, because he wants to have a free stay in a fancy house.

I said “Wow, I would not want to be ambassador, especially an Appointee.”

His reply “Well, he would be the one who doesn’t do anything, just tell other people to pick up his friends at the airport.”

Um, yeah. I was stunned. As much as there is always a little animosity between the Diplomatic Corps and any Political appointee, but even appointees have a lot of work to do. As much as I am not a fan of Political Appointees as I think much of the time they aren’t the right choice for the country or the moral of the Diplomatic Corps, but, and I mean but, in certain cases, a head of state will appoint someone with a background or expertise in a specific item that is key to the time and posting, but that is usually rare. It is still not the easiest position to be in, nor is by any means a job that there is no work attached to.

I had no idea what to say or had to respond, except that maybe, just maybe he won’t be appointed, it isn’t that easy!

I felt horrible when i walked away, I just get my back up when people are ignorant about a job and world they know nothing about.

Argghh, vent over!

Dip Kid



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