When I hear the quick patter of feet, and the soft Mummy, I wake up instantly to a little face, begging me for cuddles after a nightmare. It seems like a natural pattern, between 2-4am. I naturally wake up, get him settled, and wake up myself for the rest of the night, errr morning.

It is with a heavy heart, and uneasiness that I wake up, needing to change something, to take control, to feel like I am moving ahead, but last week, last week was a mess. I feel as if, the world I thought I knew, didn’t really exist.

Horrible graffiti has begun to pop up, we have had cities littered with racist posters of Whites only, white’s sign up here. We watch t.v and see announcement after announcement of who is going to be in Trump’s office, and then a second later, an announcement of a hate crime in a Mosque or synagogue. This underlying hate was always there, it had to have been, there must have been a population that was ignorant and scared, but I just never saw how truly bad it was, I just took it upon myself to guide my son and teach him that the open heart that he was born with (yes, surprise, you are not born to be racist, it is learned), is a gift, and that all Humans, are just that, HUMAN.

Where did things go wrong, where did we take this sharp turn? Last week I met a man, that has a disease that could have crippled him completely, and ruined his life. He was unable to go to University, as his medication schedule prevented him from sitting through a class, so he took as many free and paid for courses online. He is unable to work a full-time job, because his medication schedule prohibits him from working full-time, but that hasn’t stopped him, he volunteers at just about every place he can, and began his own business. What I learned from that, he persevered, took the tools that were in front of him, and keeps learning.

I have seen so much of the bad with Social Media and the dawn of our technology, yet, this is an opportunity to actually use it, and educate. How is it, that so many, don’t turn on their phones and actually research? Instead of being afraid, which is what racism is, research a culture, religion or a history of a Peoples. With so much information at our fingertips, it amazes me how little it really is used!

So, this morning, as I woke up at 2am, again with a heavy heart, not understanding how a world that my Father loved so much, and a country he so proudly represented and taught me to love and represent, could turn upside down so quickly.



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