5 People I would love to Have for Dinner

Have you ever played this game? My husband and I often try this, Dead or alive, name 5 people you would invite over for a dinner party, and why. My list, is beyond eclectic, my husband burst out laughing because he thinks it says a lot about me.

1.Corazon Aquino –  was the 11th president (and first female president) of the Philippines. She restored democracy after the long dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, 1986-1992. I can’t explain exactly why, but she was sharp, intellectual, and had at one point served behind the scenes of her husband. I have so much admiration for this woman, that I would love to share a bottle of wine with her and talk about the culture, dynamic and history of the Philippines.

cory aquino

2. This wouldn’t come as a surprise, but for those who have read many of my posts, I would love to have a dinner party with my Father. I never got to pick his brain as an adult, and share a good bottle of wine, tell stories of his crazy political adventures and mine.

3. J.R.R Tolkien – who wouldn’t want to sit down with this genius author. He wrote just about the greatest books of all time. To this day, I still read the Lord of the Rings annually, and have had conversations with other linguists who still can’t get over his genius mind who wrote and made up the Elfin language. Anyone who had that kind of imagination is someone who I would love to sit down and have dinner with.



4. Tim Ferriss – if you haven’t listened to his podcast, read the 4 Hour Work Week, then go do so now. Having been a huge fan of his book and then his podcast, I feel like at one point, my husband and I will get an opportunity to meet him. Crossing my fingers, because I swear my husband and Tim would get along ridiculously well. I won’t try to stalk him or anything, that would be weird, for so many reasons. We listen to his podcasts all the time, and my husband and I will end up either learning something, picking it apart, or on my part, I want to give Tim a hug and tell him that there are listeners that actually hear his pain and his anxiety. He is a genius, but holy crap, he would be absolutely awesome to have a discussion about life, politics, and adventures.

5. Rick Mercer – if you don’t know who he is, oh, man, you are missing out. Not only is he politically astute, brilliant but hysterically funny, he is a Canadian comedian. I met Rick once in Toronto, it was by accident, I bumped into him, he was absolutely gracious, humble, and completely down to earth. I always thought he should be our Minister for Foreign Affairs, I swear he has more charisma, knowledge, and frankly more diplomacy than many of our past Ministers!

So, who would you have over for a dinner party?

Dip Kid



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