Your Story


For the longest time, I hid the fact that I was a Diplomatic Kid, I was either embarrassed, or somehow people made me feel like I lived a life of privilege. I am here it say, not sure why I was ever embarrassed, as my Father is one of my hero’s, and I definitely didn’t live a life of privilege!

Each one of you has a story, and it is bound to inspire someone else.

Dip Kid


Sony Sports Walkman

Don’t you remember when the bright yellow Sony Sports walkman reigned supreme.

While my friends blared Vanilla Ice, Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson – I blared the Pogues, Sex Pistols and U2. That walkman was packed with extra batteries every crazy road trip my parents forced me to go on, on every flight, and was packed for boarding school. It played my jams when I was happy, going for a run, and when I was sad, or going through my first breakup.

When mine finally broke, I grieved. It was like losing a limb. Somehow MP3’s, apple mini’s and later the Iphone, never did fill that void! I want a Sports Walkman again – too bad I have no tapes anymore!