Piping for Dummies

Over the course of many years, I have discovered just have little I know about frosting a cake, and decorating one. I have attempted, yet, I haven’t mastered it, I tend to just dump it onto said cake. I do however, bake like it is no one’s business. My son’s friends often remark that I am the only Mother that leaves him homemade goodies in his lunch.

Little do these little people know, it is because I am a big advocate of not eating food like products. I don’t buy store-bought, simply because it is packaged, has a lot of preservatives, and is often make with oil. I prefer to go with my great grandmother’s sayings, everything in moderation, however, if you are going to have a sweet, it is always best to make it with sugar, love and your own oven.

So, birthday parties, get together’s etc. I often find a quick thing to make. However, I have no idea how to frost a cake, or how to use piping tools. I have now made it my little side mission, to figure out how to use these tools.

Step 1, learn what each little nozzle does



Step 2. Find every website for step by step tutorials, the first being, how to decorate a cupcake Via


Step 3. Get addicted to finding tips and looking at the cupcakes


Step 3. Decide to make granola bars instead:

Granola bars

I think I will leave the decorating to the professionals, and those that are less likely to just spoon out the frosting and dump it on the cupcake!

Have a wonderful day,

Dip Kid



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