Bullying Teacher

I am back! Today, I thought I would get into a little parenting, yikes!

I am an involved parent, but not to the point of joining the PTA or volunteering at my son’s school. I think it is important for him to have his space. I do drop off and pick up, he has playdates, I shuttle him to and from all of his extracurriculars.  I know what is going on in his life, I ask questions.

Like any 6-year-old, he acts like a 6-year-old. The majority of the time, he is a really good kid, but 5% of the time, he isn’t, he is being 6, and has a 6 year olds emotions. I didn’t realize how different my relationship was with my child, or that he was different, until he started school. He uses big words, if he doesn’t understand a word, he asks what it means, he analysis things, puts together technic quickly, the list goes on. This year, as we suspected, he was identified as gifted. I hate the word “gifted”, it is so silly, every child is gifted, mine just happens to process things at a higher rate than normal, in many ways, it is a curse.

I lose a lot of sleep over his days at school. Not because of my worrying, but because he is actually up, asking me to google something in the middle of the night!

There is one person who works in the school, who has it in for him. I grew up in a traditional family, I was taught that teachers know best, to not argue back, and I always knew, that my parents rarely would interfere with a teacher. I take the other approach, while I think it is a teachers place to teach my child, I also think, they can abuse their powers. This one person, will hear of something happening on the playground that involves my son, and then, come to his classroom to reprimand him. He went as far as to tell her it was an “accident” she will then tell him was on “purpose”.  As a parent, I was shocked she would go to such an extreme to reprimand him for something she didn’t even witness. When she kept pressing he had done something on purpose, she wouldn’t even listen to him, what he had to say, or his apology. I stepped in during this incident, and told my son’s teacher that it was in no way fair.

Then another incident happened, this time, this person actually told my son that “no one likes you”. What adult says that to a child?

I am floored that anyone would have such a venomous feeling towards a 6-year-old. I thought it may have been me being Momma bear, maybe over reacting to his sensitivities, but in all honesty, where has our education system gone? Why is o.k for an adult to be mean and be a bully, yet we don’t call it bullying, we call it teaching or disciplining.

Let’s call a spade a spade.


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