Top 5 Destinations

I have had a strange bucket list for the longest time. I always have a top 5 on the go, and if the timing, price, and shots are up to date I randomly pick one. It usually involves checking travel advisories and calling former colleagues. I have a feeling though, that this year, Disney might trump all of these destinations!

So here are my top 5 currently:

Galapagos Island, I have had a fascination for this part of the planet since I was little. Pictures Via



Then there is Cambodia:


Cuba, not the all inclusive side of things, but the local non touristy places of Cuba. It is like time stood still, and before long, it will open up, and all will change.


Croatia – via


Morocco – I have a huge desire to explore this beautiful country. It has been on my list since I was little, and funny enough, we were planning on going for our honeymoon, but it ended up being so expensive at the time, we went elsewhere!


What are your top 5 destinations? Happy Traveling!

Dip Kid


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