Merry X-mas

Christmas Tree


By the time you read this, we will be inundated with family, and overrun by lots of kids and craziness. I might be hiding in the loo drinking a cocktail, praying that I find my sanity somewhere.

One of the key things I have learned from Christmases abroad is, open your house to others, we have new friends coming over who just moved here, and family. Christmas can be so lonely for many, and inviting someone, be that a neighbour, or colleague, is so important.

After the craziness, we hop a plane to a far of country for a wild adventure. This blog will become a little quiet as I enjoy my new surroundings. Who knows if I will have internet connections, so this Dip Kid will see you in 2016!



2 thoughts on “Merry X-mas

    • I never know how people will get along, and one year I had an old colleague just weep for a solid 2 hours, but it is Christmas, if it isn’t crazy, you aren’t doing it right! 🙂


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