Friday Funny: Coco

One day my friends Coco and I were sitting in the dining hall, having a laugh and animatedly talking about something, I have no idea what, when a dorm mate came and sat with us. After 5 minutes, the dorm mate looked at me and began to berate me. He launched into a tirade of how I was racist, and how my nickname for my friend proved it.

For 10 minutes I was left surprised, and unable to defend myself, as I couldn’t even interject. My friend Coco sat their with a stunned look on his face. The dorm mate was like a dog with a bone, not taking a breath to even let us say anything.

He finally said “In closing, you are incredibly racist and insensitive for calling your Cocoa skinned friend Coco.”

I looked at my friend, we burst into laughter. We couldn’t stop. We had known each other forever, we were international kids.

I blurted out “Me calling him Coco has nothing to do with his skin, his last name is Wycoco, and no one could ever pronounce it, so we shortened it to Coco. Kinda multilingual where we come from. Maybe you should do some homework before you launch into a racism crusade.”

Incidentally, the dorm mate ended up using Coco as his name.


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