Dining a la Diplomat

My first time dining with colleagues, I was actually amused at my knowledge of forks, spoons and everything else on the table. Useless on so many levels, and yet handy on others.

I grew up in an English household, silver and fine china was passed down, and anyone who lived through WW2, would know that women held tight to their beloved silver, or maybe that was just my family. High tea was a normal occurence on weekends, and Christmas dinner looked more like a Diplomatic table, than what my Father’s official dinner’s looked like.

When I began working, I got asked frequently about dinner forks, and which one was the water-glass. I used to give tutorials in my office, you think there was a fine dining course for young officers, but there wasn’t one.

My trick, eat from the outside in. After every course, your work your way in.

Here are 2 great infographics to keep on hand. I should add, the formal is just standard for any formal event, what the second calls European, is actually the proper formal format. I love setting tables, but let’s be honest, who the heck has this much glassware and china on hand?


Table settings


dinner setting


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