Candy Corn

This must be an American thing, is it not? I was introduced to Candy Corn while in the aisle of the American commissary around the world. Halloween was not something we celebrated at school (maybe depending on the head master) abroad, nor did I ever go trick or treating. So seeing these little guys in an aisle a world apart from my homeland, I begged my friend to buy them for me. I was excited, I had never tried them, but had seen pictures of them.

She bought them, along with Hershey chocolate bar.

I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. We sat in her Mother’s car, opened the bag, and took a few. I popped them into my mouth, and almost gagged. I was disappointed, these cute corn Kernels were disgusting, there is just no other description for them. I may have been disappointed, but I was still in love with the colour combo, it reminds me of fall.

Some people have amazing talent when it comes to baking!

Candied Corn Jello


Candy Corn Swirl Cookie


Candy Corn Pretzels

candy corn pretzels

Cheesecake Mousse

cheesecake mousse




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