One of the funniest and sometimes the most embarrassing aspects of growing up in Asia before the online shopping was possible, was finding clothes that fit.

At the age of 11, I was as tall as most of my Mother’s Filipino girlfriends, and my friends Mothers. Yup, I was not only short for my caucasian family, yet I was as tall as a full-grown adult woman in the Philippines, which brought on many many horrible shopping excursions.

How to find age appropriate clothes in a sea of petite people. Try thinking about that for a second. I was a string bean, and geez, I was 11, so there wasn’t much to fill out a dress. I was way too tall for kids clothes (trust me, my Mother tried putting me in local clothes to save money, but it brought on wardrobe malfunctions.), i I tried on ladies clothes, there were darts for lady bits that were non existent on me.

In came my love of all things ESPRIT, yes, I was probably the only kid that had a full ESPRIT wardrobe, and not because it was fashionable (that was a bonus), but because it was the only, and I mean the only North American brand that was available to us in that part of the world.

So I sort of have a soft spot for all things ESPRIT.

Who doesn’t love the matching bumblebee look?


I think I had that shirt at some point.


Didn’t everyone have a sweater, t-shirt or sweatshirt with ESPRIT written on it?


Am I the only one who loved these ads?


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