Tripped Up

Not sure what it is about Monday’s, but it amazes me just how many crazy things happen on a Monday.

A long time ago, there once was a girl who had a massive crush on a boy (yes, this is in highschool). He was older, beyond cute, and made her blush and tongue-tied.

One day during gym, she had to run to the washroom in the middle of the class. As she turned a corner, there was her crush sitting in the hallway, back to the wall, legs stretched out. He said “Hi”, she panicked, couldn’t feel her legs, and forgot where she was. She tripped over his legs, and made a head on collision to the wall in front of her, where her nose hit the wall so hard, that it began to bleed.

Yeah, true story, and it happened on a Monday.

So in light of all things embarrassing, this was appropriate today.


I wish I knew where this came from, but a friend sent it to me.


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