Pearls of Wisdom

Jackie O

I believe Jackie O did it best, or maybe it was Coco Chanel. The pearl necklace has been a staple in the Diplomatic wives game. It might be the circle that my Mother was very much a part of, but it was definitely there.

My Mother had inherited or maybe it was gifted to her, at the age of 21. I don’t think she ever took them off after that. She even wore them with her first pair of jeans in her 50’s! There is a subtilty to the pearl, it is feminine, not gaudy, and done right, it is always perfect.

So it is no surprise that when I was gifted sea pearls at the age of 13, I looked at them, and quickly put them in a drawer. Every year my Mother attempted to give me a tiny pair of pearl earings, and I would quickly attempt to stash them in a box. subtlety was never my Mother’s strong suit. Pearls some how resembled a long forgotten tradition that died with the Jackie O’s of the world, and I was not into resurrecting this very WASP article of jewellery.

It was a fateful day 3 years ago, that I walked the streets of a small town of the Netherlands, and noticed a trend from young to old. Every woman had a set of pearl earings. I had long left my stash of pearl earings in an old jewellery box and never looked back.

When I finally arrived home, I went looking for my earings, and put a pair on. When my Mother saw what was attached to my ears, she raised an eyebrow, and laughed really hard. She remarked “I told you so.”

Yup, it turns out, my Mother was right. Pearls look good on pale skin. Dang, I hate it when she is right!


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