The Long Road


My husband and I have odd senses of humour. For our honeymoon, we decided to backpack and island hop some Greek islands. My colleagues at Foreign Affairs had a few giggles, mostly because they knew how exhausted we both were.

We packed and hopped on an airplane. The moment our plane arrived in Rhodes, we could feel the difference in temperature. Everything was golden, when the sun hit the golden hue, it sparkled majestically. We knew we had arrived to a very special land.

We picked up our backpacks, and headed outside to pick up a local bus. We had studied the way to get to our hotel on the airplane, we were sure we could find it. We got on the bus, and the driver nodded, he didn’t speak a word of English, and we didn’t speak a word of Greek (good combo). As the bus drove, we were keeping an eye out for our stop. Only problem, we couldn’t figure out how to stop the bus, or where the stops were. We were totally confused. In gestures, we asked the bus driver to finally stop, we got off, and looked at the rows of hotels on the main strip.

We looked around, we buckled our backpacks, and began to walk. Neither of us had eaten much in 24hrs, it was hot out and mid day, and to top it off, we were wearing jeans, the same ones we had worn on the plane.

As we began to walk along the main strip, it dawned on us just how ill prepared we were for being lost! We looked at our trusted map and began to walk, and walk we did. It turned out, we completely turned ourselves around. Nothing like Greek signs not matching up with our English map. We walked for 4 hours straight.

When we finally found our tiny hotel, we were dripping in perspiration, and looked like complete messes. I looked at my husband and declared we needed a shower before heading out to find food.

As we attempted to peel off our clothes, our jeans were glued to our legs. Adhered like suction cups. We both contemplated taking scissors if we had them!

Getting my jeans off was like having freedom, my legs felt swollen and hot. I had deep seam imprints imbedded into my legs.

Note to self, never travel with jeans again.


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