From Grey to Colour

If you are anything like me, you might have felt like you have spent a lifetime in a tiny grey office. For 10 years, as I worked in various government offices, I stared at the same grey walls, grey carpet, and unattractive grey and green desk.

I believe those grey walls are where all creativity goes to die slowly. So, I am now faced with the decision of how to decorate my home office, right now, I work via iPhone, and laptop just about anywhere. It would be so nice to actually have a fully decorated office for once.

So here are the inspirations, it will take me a long time to decide what I want. It seems decorating is not something I am used to.



Could you imagine this kind of space?

Laura U Interior Design


Marie OIsson Nylander’s Office


Love the girliness of this office from pinkpeonies, and the carpet is fantastic!



If you see any great ideas, this tired ex diplomatic head of mine is finally getting creativity and imagination back, so send them my way!


5 thoughts on “From Grey to Colour

  1. These are beautiful. I feel like I can relate, since I worked in a dull beige office (at a school) for 6 years. I recently painted my home office a pale pink, and the colour makes me feel creative and inspired. Good luck with your office makeover!


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