Bits and Baubles

I used to watch my Mother get ready for fancy events, it was always a painful process. Up until the mid nineties, there wasn’t a whole lot of choice for formal wear. Either you paid for something to get made, or you bought something that was out of your price range.

One thing was certain, you had to attend the event no matter what. The hardest trick was jewellery. Costume jewellery was next to impossible to find in many countries, I know, present day you associate pretty fantastic stuff coming out of Taiwan and India, but back in the day, women would go to a major event with their wardrobe of diamonds.

No Diplomat has a drawer full of diamonds!

My Mother was a genius at finding cool pieces that went with her navy or black dress. She rarely wore colour because you couldn’t disguise it the same way when wearing something over and over again.

Now, you can get some pretty fantastic costume jewellery to dress up a LBD, and sparkle at any event. Check out these cool pieces:


Crystal necklace






No need for a drawer full of diamonds or pearls, just order online and voila!

Do you know any great places to buy costume jewellry?


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