The Bandage

Every girl remembers their very first bra, I don’t know why, it just seems like a right of passage.

I woke up, and was so excited, I was 12! My Father woke me up as usual, and wished me Happy Birthday. I couldn’t wait to get ready for school, I had a whole outfit planned.

I quickly got showered and dressed, and ran downstairs. I went through the kitchen, and had our cook (who I loved dearly), and our maids, they had a small cake with a candle on it, they told me to make a wish. I blew it out, and was almost in tears, as they had set out to surprise me with the chocolate cake from them.

I went into the family area and sat down with my Father to eat. He was excited, and said after breakfast to head up to my parent’s room for a birthday present.

We were off to a good start, I had chocolate cake in my belly and a gift to open.

I headed up to my parent’s room with my Dad, my Mother who was sipping coffee at 7am (in tropical countries, school typically started very early as to avoid the hottest time of day).

There was a small flat pink package on the table. I couldn’t wait to tear open the package.

I sat down, unwrapped the package, to find white tissue paper. I unfolded the tissue paper, and saw 2 white bandages. I wasn’t sure what it was until I lifted one up. IT WAS A TRAINING BRA.

Not sure why they are called training bra’s, because boobs don’t need any training. I was horrified. My Father had turned a very deep shade of red, my Mother was so excited, and asked me to try it on. I gulped, and said “Maybe later, I am late for school.”

I looked down at the 2 very unattractive bras, they looked like gauze bandages with straps. What was my Mother thinking? I looked down at my non-existent breasts, and my very athletic body. I didn’t understand why I needed a bra, I wore undershirts, I didn’t need support, I was flat as a crepe.

My Father murmured something. My Mother, in her bizarre excitement was clapping.

I was still mortified. I quickly put everything back in the box, ran out, and grabbed my stuff for school.

I did not want to come home. Duh, nobody would want to come home after, not just 1, but getting 2 bras for their birthday.

I couldn’t exactly avoid going home, so I managed to convince myself that maybe I needed to eat. My Mother didn’t ask me to try on my bras for her, so I took the box and shoved it into my dresser.

At dinner time, I quietly ate, and frankly just wanted to run upstairs and read a book, and pretend the day never happened.

My Father handed me a small box, he smiled and winked at me. I opened the box, and there were 2 perfect little gold earings. My Mother was shocked, and my Father was tickled with my expression, he did it again, I knew he was trying to make up for the embarrassing present.

Lesson: Never buy your daughter a training bra for their birthday!


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