10 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving With Kids


Moving with kids is incredibly hard on the whole family, whether it is to another country or to a new state or province. Kids are not as resilient as you think, so make the transition as easy as you can.

1. Pack their room(s) last in the old place, and unpack their room first in their new place.

2. Let them pick out one new thing for their new room, even if it is a new paint colour, let their new space be theirs.

3. Go to their new school before school starts, introduce them to their teacher, show them where the bathroom is. Make them familiar before their first day of school. Remember, it is a terrifying experience no matter how many times you have done it.

4. Walk or bike the new neighbourhood (if you can), some countries that is impossible.

5. Take a week and be a tourist, make the new area fun and let your kids discover what they love about their new surroundings.

6. Be at drop off and pickup early, make sure your kids are your priority during the move. Being early eases anxiety and lessens the impact of culture shock.

7. No matter where you move, try to keep one sport a constant. Sports are a great ice breaker, football (soccer), swimming, track and field etc. are sports that are found around the world. You don’t have to be a superstar, it is something that can stay constant. Feeling a part of a team is important.

8. Always listen, open your ears and your eyes. Just because your kids aren’t being vocal, they are still telling you what is going on.

9. Don’t judge, yesterday I talked about the box, no matter what is happening around you and who is judging whom. Parents should never judge their kids, let them be themselves at home.

10. If another language is being spoken around you, give your kids lessons, there is nothing worse than not being able to communicate, just read the Apple.


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