5 Places to fulfill My Wanderlust

Sometimes I feel I haven’t travelled enough, although I have attempted to plant roots down as an adult, I always have a sense that there is more to see and more to learn.

India, maybe it is because my 2 second brush with Bollywood (you can read about it here), but there is something so vibrant, and interesting about this country.



This is all because of Indiana Jones and my love of anthropology and art:

Petra Jordan

My Grandfather was posted to Morocco after WW2, I grew up seeing pictures and hearing stories of life there in the those days.


My Father’s first posting as a diplomat was to Tanzania. My deep love and respect of animals was inherited, and I have dreamt of visiting since I knew where Tanzania was on the map.



I love the ocean, and almost went to Australia on business but 2 days before had to cancel. I often think about it, and how to go when my son is old enough and a strong enough swimmer.

Great Barrier Reef


Where do your dreams take you?


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