The Bubble

The Foreign service is like an onion, there are so many layers, and peeling them makes your eyes water, but you are so addicted, you keep peeling them. Once in the middle, you are part of the bubble.

My Father was in that little bubble, his family, the very outside layer. No one ever gets to be part of that little bubble, until they work in Foreign Affairs, and join the ranks of the service.

The layers of the onion, are layers of secrets, as you peel the onion the secrets get more political. Once you get inside that bubble, the secrets become addictive.

Even though that bubble has a group of people in it, they are comrades, but not friends, because each person is still competing for jobs within the building and abroad. In fact, it is difficult to maintain friendships, those inside are not your friends, and those outside don’t understand who you are because of the secrets you keep.

Are you confused yet? Don’t worry, this will slowly make sense.


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