Having just left the Philippines, a country I loved, my best friends, my home, and everything I knew, to head back to my birth country, which I knew nothing about. I attempted to adjust as best as possible, but 2 months into the new school, and the strange questions kept coming, did you wear a bathing suit to school, did you live in a tree house, did you have a monkey as a pet? I was so tired of all the annoying questions that one day in the middle of grade 8 study, I turned to my right and began to tell my classmate that I was married.

At first they laughed, then I began to go into detail that I was betrothed to a young man from back home, it was tradition. I was to go back after University and begin my life with him. My classmates began to look serious, got closer, and began to ask more questions.

I described the young man and his family, and how we would be living in a tree house, because everyone lived in a tree house. We got water out of a well, and we swam in the ocean everyday. We rarely wore clothes because it was too hot, and it was expected that I become the teacher, so that I could give the kids the gift of English.

It was at this point that I had everyone hooked, I began to describing a mixture of the Jungle book, and misconceptions of what it was like to live in the tropics. My teacher was so fascinated, that she told me I needed to write a story for the newspaper about my life, and what I would be expecting for the future.

I laughed and broke it to them that I was not married, and that perhaps they needed to read a bit more. My teacher was angry! I think she was angry for being the adult and not knowing any better.

At least it made me laugh.


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