Languages 101

In the span of 15 years, I somehow learned and lost 6 languages, and yes you do lose languages. Governments don’t give language lessons to spouses or kids, even though, in reality, they actually need it more. I spent hours in front of the t.v. and reading magazines in other languages, you would be surprised how much you can learn about a culture just from commercials.

In one country, we only had 10 t.v channels, and none were in English. The best shows, well, there weren’t any…
So, I learned some hip and happening sayings by watching Knight Rider:

I am not sure how much good it did me, but it was hilarious, and in a weird sort of way, comforting after school. Never did understand the 80’s crush on David Hasselhoff.

The next thing

There is something pretty awesome about Mr. T in Spanish. The A – Team language actually helped me in a couple of sticky negotiations when I was working for Foreign Affairs, yeah, while everyone one else was learning the names of food, animals and parts of the house, I was learning the words for dynamite, tactics, and law.

Have you watched any t.v shows in other langauges?



3 thoughts on “Languages 101

  1. I live in Viet Nam and habitually watch a South Korean soap dubbed with Vietnamese. I think the plot revolves around some mermaids that can change into human women. They have fallen in love with some Korean business men who don’t seem to work as much as sit in cafes with their briefcases. For reason lots of random children drown in the Ocean – I think this is just to give the mermaids/women a cause to do some really dramatic crying.

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