Most people are rather shocked by my indifference with my siblings. I love them because they are blood, but we had vastly different life experiences.

Depending on age gaps, personalities and postings, you are most likely to be either best friends, mortal enemies or indifferent, like me. My Mother attempted to instil in us that as siblings, we some how had a magical power of built-in friendships. All of us attempted to buy into it, we seriously tried, but if it weren’t for the fact we shared DNA, we just wouldn’t be friends.

They are foreign to me, one talks about guns all the time, which is odd considering we grew up with a Father who spent a lifetime using words as a weapon, and desperately tried to avoid war or violence of any kind. The other sibling is neurotic and is extremely competitive in a demeaning sort of way. Both are loving don’t get me wrong, but I sometimes feel they didn’t grow up in the same house as me. In fact, both are not at all interested in the world as much as I am.

So as much as dear old Mum attempts to bridge us together and organize reunions, I like to keep in civil and diplomatic. In all fairness, I like to stay far far away from it all.

To all of you future Diplomats or current ones, don’t force your kids to be friends, they are fine just being!


2 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. I am an only child but my husband has an older brother. They are vastly different people (which I am grateful for). While I’m fine that they are not tight, I do try to have their kids and my kids have some experiences together. I grew up very close to my cousins and we are still close today.


    • As long as the cousins truly get along, good on ya. I didn’t have cousins my age, but we did grow up with 2 families that we were extremely close with. It is important to help cultivate experiences, but not push them.


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