Media Frenzy

The recent media frenzy on 2 Canadian diplomatic boys, (Jean and Marc Wabafiyebazu)  have been haunting me, mostly the horrible comments that have been left. Most of us who have grown up as Dip kids are faced with the exact same impression “you are living a life of luxury.” or the diplomatic view, buck up, and bottle it up. It is an incredibly difficult life, and by that, I mean mentally. When abroad you are seen as wealthy, but that is a facade, you are not wealthy, your one, or maybe in special cases, both parents are civil servants. You move every 3 years, you are uprooted, face culture shock, reverse culture shock and in many cases suffer from Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Some of us, like me, lived through several coup attempts, have been shot at, have had a gun pulled on them, have watched people come and go, have kept secrets (and by secrets, I mean you overhear your Father over the phone about a political situation you shouldn’t know about). It is so very hard to put into words, the love hate relationship you have with the diplomatic corps, but those 2 young kids don’t deserve judgement, nor does their Mother, we don’t know the full story. I am so sick of hearing or reading that diplomats lead fancy lifestyles, eat canapes and champagne, and their kids grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth, yes I have had canapes, and have also had food poisoning from them. As for champagne, the only time I ever saw it being poured was never, but I have seen plenty of cheap sparkling wine. As for the parents in the Diplomatic corps, they are trying their best. They give 150 percent to their job and to their country, and devote the litte of what is left of themselves to their family as best as they can.


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